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things that caught my eye/ fifteen

Some things I found this week:

If it doesn’t rain again, we are going to try to go kayaking, and do a little sunbathing to get rid of these obvious farmer tans we are rocking. Then our weekend will be filled with the normal things like mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, watching all the xmen movies in chronological order, and taking pictures of our plants.purpleflowers

things that caught my eye/ twelve

Some things I found this week:

I think it will be a pretty stressful weekend over here. We have to watch our grass seeds grow, look out for thunderstorms, and drink iced tea. Maybe go wander around the botanical garden if its not too humid out. So if you need us, we’ll be very, very busy.

weekendthingsHow pretty is this little grower here. I enjoy the tiny hint of hot pink leaves.

gift idea: tiny plants

How cute are these little plants? I found them at a local plant store. For a simple gift, I wrapped each container in a bit of fabric and ribbon I already had.

I gave these little guys out at work to brighten up desk spaces, and I think they would also be fun for party favors or hostess gifts! tinyplants1 tinyplants3

While I was packaging them up, I found this guy just hanging around. Like so tiny, y’all. Teeny tiny.tinyplants2

over the weekend

One of the biggest perks of having a house is also having a yard. We love us some yardwork. We finally bought a shovel this weekend, so we added a couple of shrubs and some new raised garden beds to our family!

If you have ever tried to dig in Austin dirt in the hot season, you will understand why I now have blisters all over my hands. My goodness, it was like digging a hole in cement.new plants over the weekendnew raised garden beds

hello there

I am trying to remember the last time I grew something from a seed. I think it has to be before I left for college. We would have a garden every summer, and we would grow peas and carrots, and all kinds of things from seeds. But I forgot how thrilling it is when the tiny green leaves emerge their sleepy heads from the depths of a pot of dirt. I can’t wait to watch you grow, little sprouts.

basil sprouts