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the basil of baker st hospital

For the sick and needy basil of today, so that they may become productive pesto of the future.

I transplanted these pitiful looking guys into the ground near our back porch. They were doing just fine in some box planters all spring, but all the sudden looked like they no longer wanted to live. So I stuck them in the ground, and told them to think again.


And this is just a couple days after.


So. There’s that.

something i did today


I always tell Jon that the simple things I do during the day give me the most meaning. Makes me the most happy. So I thought I might chronicle them here. Today, I played in the dirt and transplanted some sad looking basil to what I hope will be a more pleasing home for them.

Are you a member of the simpler things club? What did you do today?

basil lemon water

We planted a whole bunch of basil this spring. We read that bugs tend to not like the smell of it, or maybe the strong smell just confuses them. The smell mostly makes me hungry, so those bugs are really missing out. We have basil growing in a box on the back porch, some in the herb garden in the front yard, and some in containers near the vegetable garden. So now, we have a list of basil recipes to try for the next couple months.

One of the new recipes we tried was simple lemon and basil infused water. We cut up some lemon slices and added some basil leaves to ice water for a nice, refreshing drink. Pretty to look at, too.



hello there

I am trying to remember the last time I grew something from a seed. I think it has to be before I left for college. We would have a garden every summer, and we would grow peas and carrots, and all kinds of things from seeds. But I forgot how thrilling it is when the tiny green leaves emerge their sleepy heads from the depths of a pot of dirt. I can’t wait to watch you grow, little sprouts.

basil sprouts