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two good things today

Today is already full of good things. I found one of my favorite breads at the store, and had some toast for breakfast. I also made some oatmeal raisin cookies last night, so maybe I’m just really into raisins and cinnamon at the moment.


And look who I found in the garden this morning- a blooming wildflower. I planted wildflower seeds last fall, and they are finally starting to believe its time to bloom.


Hope your day is full of warm toast and sunny flowers!

new in the shop: chamomile cards

In the fall, Jon and I would end the day with a nice cup of chamomile tea while we curled up on the couch together. We found some chamomile seeds to plant this spring, and we are excited to see the dainty flowers grow soon. Send a comforting hello with a stitched up chamomile card, now in the shop!


roses are red

In preparation for the freezing weather, I went to the store and bought like a week’s worth of dinners. Because no one wants to risk the grocery store parking lot in the ice. So hopefully we won’t be forced to leave home much until the sun returns. But this guy doesn’t seem to mind the cold at the moment. Roses are red, bluebonnets are blue, please don’t freeze, it will be spring soon!


things that caught my eye/ fifteen

Some things I found this week:

If it doesn’t rain again, we are going to try to go kayaking, and do a little sunbathing to get rid of these obvious farmer tans we are rocking. Then our weekend will be filled with the normal things like mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, watching all the xmen movies in chronological order, and taking pictures of our plants.purpleflowers

floral finds

Flowers are usually my first choice of doodle when given a blank piece of paper. Here are some fun floral finds to get in the spring mood: fancy flower and fruit ball cap, beautiful floral print hot pads for the table, a blooming scarf, and pretty lotion to add some flowers to your nightstand (after playing in the dirt and sun all day, gotta get some lotion on those hands!)

floralfinds floralfinds3 floralfinds4 floralfinds2

I also have some flower gift tags and cactus cards available in the shop, if you need to send some floral thoughts to someone!