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gift idea: tiny plants

How cute are these little plants? I found them at a local plant store. For a simple gift, I wrapped each container in a bit of fabric and ribbon I already had.

I gave these little guys out at work to brighten up desk spaces, and I think they would also be fun for party favors or hostess gifts! tinyplants1 tinyplants3

While I was packaging them up, I found this guy just hanging around. Like so tiny, y’all. Teeny tiny.tinyplants2

not enough thank you’s

So of course, we are incredibly thankful for all the wedding love and support. We feel so lucky and blessed. But why didn’t anyone mention to me how grueling writing thank you notes was gonna be?? I spent a whole weekend making the actual cards, while racking my brain of all the different ways I could say thank you, we appreciate (insert house item here).

So I took my inspiration from the masters- our grandparents. They write the most wonderful handwritten cards, with just random stories and tidbits. So thank you, everyone, for all the thoughtful gifts and love. And also, please enjoy all our random stories about the new house, the seeds I just planted, the dolphins we saw on our honeymoon, and our new blinds.

thankyous2 thankyous thankyous3