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rocks and plants

I have a working theory that everything I plant half dies, then, in its own sweet time, comes back to life and decides to grow. I am sure the crazy weather doesn’t help. If you left me outside in this, I would have to carefully consider coming back to life too. But I am happy to see our rock garden is finally starting to fill in a little bit. I also added that cactus in the pot for another layer, and he is just as happy as a clam there.


a trip to the garden store

Our new favorite thing to do is go to garden stores. Not just because there are plants there, but because the layout and design of each nursery can be really inspiring.houstongarden2 houstongarden3

This nursery happened to have a huge warehouse full of trinkets. It was a mix of pottery, garden decorations, and American Pickers.

houstongarden1 houstongarden4

When we get our rock garden ready, I want to visit this succulent nursery in Austin.

garden obsession

We are super into yardwork right now. I dream about it at night, I make notes to myself all day, I google diy drainage, I tell my ma all about it on the phone. I am just really excited about it. (Plus, its an amazing workout. My arms are going to be like steel.)

We got a crop of veggies into the ground over the weekend, and then it promptly thunder/hail stormed the next day, so that figures. I check on them at least 3 times a day.


If you have ever tried to dig a hole in the Austin ground, you will probably be impressed with this path here. We are rock path making machines. We have lots of other projects planned, but we are pretty pleased with our progress so far, and we can’t wait to have summer brunch garden parties!


weekends rock

Figuratively and literally. In between the rain showers, we were able to get outside and get to work on laying our rocks. I am forever thankful that the guy and I make a very good team! We aren’t quite half done yet, but so far, it it is going a lot easier, and looks much better, than we both thought. Its like giant Tetris, with a lot more shoveling.

rock tetris

over the weekend

One of the biggest perks of having a house is also having a yard. We love us some yardwork. We finally bought a shovel this weekend, so we added a couple of shrubs and some new raised garden beds to our family!

If you have ever tried to dig in Austin dirt in the hot season, you will understand why I now have blisters all over my hands. My goodness, it was like digging a hole in cement.new plants over the weekendnew raised garden beds