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trip to enchanted rock

Last weekend, we took an adventure day to go climb up Enchanted Rock. We went all the way up to the top. I was a little terrified coming back down, but we made it round trip in one piece!

It was a nice, sunny day, with a little bit of chill in the wind. We were glad we had long sleeves when we got to the summit. The wind up there was cold on our ears.


When you are this far away, you think, oh it doesn’t look that steep. Extremely deceiving. Like a stair stepper times a hundred, plus the added danger of falling off the side.

enchantedrock2 enchantedrock3

We took a different route home and stopped for some bbq. The meat here is good, but they don’t have pickles on the side. Instead they have jalepenos. Just in case pickles with your bbq is a deciding factor.


We made it home in the afternoon, and then took a nice nap. All that danger and sandwiches made us sleepy.

road trip, part four + some road trip tips

We took the more direct route back to Texas. So we drove through eastern Oregon, south through Utah, a little Colorado, some New Mexico, and then back to Austin. There really is some beautiful scenery in those parts. Some of it looks like The Land Before Time. Like a dinosaur family might be roaming about right on the other side of the mountain.

When we started off, it was so foggy we could barely see, and everything was covered in a layer of ice, except the road, thankfully.roadtriphome9roadtriphome1

But then suddenly, the fog cleared, and it was a beautiful, chilly, sunny day. It was like angels singing cleared the fog away.

We drove through all types of terrain: gorge, mountains, desert, hills, and these kinds of magnificent, ancient land formations. We saw snow on the ground, but we never did see any fall from the sky.roadtriphome10roadtriphome8roadtriphome7

I kept a sharp eye out for this rock with a hole in it for miles. I was starting to think it was just all a publicity stunt, and then, there it was.roadtriphome5

A road trip is like 50% snacks. We had to eat this box of cookies right away, since the sun was going to melt the chocolate.roadtriphome2

The sun spent about 8 hours a day glaring me in the eyes, and then it would go down, and I could spend a nice 5 minutes being able to see before it went completely dark.roadtriphome4

Yay! We made it to Texas! You are happy for crossing the state line for a couple minutes, and then you realize that you have to drive like 8 more hours before you get to the middle of the state.roadtriphome3

Even though there were some long driving days, our road trip was the best. I would do it again, with a few minor changes, in a heartbeat.

Here are a few tips for long couple road trips that we learned along the way:

  • Pack smart snacks that keep well. Mostly healthy with some treats. We had mainly crackers, muffins, beef jerky, little carrots, and baby oranges. We also brought a little cooler with lunchmeat and cheese, and we would make bagel sandwiches for meals if we didn’t want to stop. Some states do make you declare any fruits or veggies you bring into the state. We had to show a policeman our oranges when we got to California.
  • Remember to drink water. You can also use empty water bottles as pretend microphones for car singing. It makes you less grouchy, and its ok to have to stop and stretch your legs every now and then.
  • Keep a separate spot for trash, and throw it out when you make stops. Also paper towels are handy, as are pillows/blankets.
  • Be sure to have a car charger if you are relying on a phone for travel info, and be sure to have actual music stored somewhere for all those times when the radio and phone service are weak.
  • Make rules beforehand. Our rules were to: 1. No matter what, be nice to each other, and 2. obey the traffic laws.

pendleton woolen mills

On our way back to Texas after the holiday, we stopped at THE Pendleton Woolen Mills. We were driving through Pendleton, so it would be silly if we didn’t stop, right?


They sadly don’t do tours on Saturdays, but we still snooped around a bit.woolenmill2woolenmill3

We got a couple presents to ourselves. We decided that we should stop there on our way to Christmas next time, and just get all our gifts there. Especially those awesome slipper socks.


Thanks to my dream come true for taking a little detour, and making all my woolen blanket dreams come true.

road trip, with a history lesson

On this day, we drove about 11 hours or so through northern California, all the way up Oregon, into Washington. The southern Oregon part was the worst, since it was dark, the roads were curvy, and it was rainy. Only time it rained on us the whole trip. It was a long day of driving, but now I just remember all the laughing.

Northern California is gorgeous. Love me some mountains and trees.nocali6 nocali9 nocali7

We kept joking about how disgusting it was outside. Just really awful to look at.nocali8

History lesson number one: The guy says that this is the mountain where all bald eagles are born. And of course, the only cloud in the sky is covering the mountain at the same time that we get to the viewpoint.nocali12 nocali13

History lesson number two: This is the mountain where all vultures are born. Because it is dark and sinister looking.nocali3 nocali2

When we tell people about our trip, they always ask what we did to pass the time. Well, we talked to each other. Commented about the scenery. We sang along to road trip music. We just genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Makes me want to go on another road trip right now!nocali1


the boudin bakery

While we were in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, we stopped at the Boudin Bakery. I have a slight obsession with making sourdough bread, so I was a little bit excited.boudin5

We ended up eating dinner there so we could go on the tour for free. More soup in breadbowls for us!boudin2

Where all the magic happens.boudin8

I was mildly interested in it, I guess.boudin7

They make animal shaped bread!boudin1

You can find a little video of our tour here!

road trip, san fran edition

Our big goal stop for the trip was San Francisco. We had to actively try not to fall in love with it. Who wouldn’t love a city that put a prison on its own island.

Christmas lights also make everything look more magical. Super festive.sanfran8boudin6

We knew the streets were slanted and all, but it was like intense upward hiking to find this.sanfran1



We couldn’t get a decent picture together in front of the bridge because the sun was attempting to burn holes in our eyes.sanfran2

A very nice gentleman offered to take our picture in front of the bridge, and told us to stand here, but bless his heart, there is no bridge in the picture. He did tell us that pictures and memories are very important, and I do believe he is right on that one. sfran3

I half want to and half don’t want to go on an Alcatraz tour. I don’t want to end up being used in a hostage situation.sanfran3

What is more festive than chocolate?sanfran6

Excuse the blurry night picture, but we are young and in love.sfran2



We sensed there was a theme to this hotel, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it…sanfran10

Next is a drive through northern California, featuring history according to Mr Sander.

road trip, part two

On our way to sunny California! The guy goes to San Jose for work a lot, but I don’t really remember the last time I set foot in California, besides an airport. I guess when I was like 11?? Anyway, I was pretty excited about it, and we spent the first part of our drive there talking like this.

It started out a little cloudy, but it quickly turned into the sunny sky you might imagine floats above California.cali5 cali4 cali2 cali1 cali3

One of our goal stops was Monterey. We emerged from days of desert driving to find the ocean.monterey2 monterey4 monterey1

We stopped for lunch at a little touristy place by the water. He ordered some soup in a bread bowl, and was so pleased with himself. Seriously, SO happy.monterey5

road trip, part one

I love going through all these pictures. Such good memories.

The idea of the holiday road trip to the northwest first popped into our heads a little after Thanksgiving. Basically, it was a “why not” type of thing. Driving is definitely slower than flying, but we decided that it would be an adventure. If we did it, we probably wouldn’t look back and think it was awful to spend a couple weeks together exploring.

So a week or so before Christmas, we jumped in the car, stopped at the store for some snacks, and began our journey. We had the basic route map, and some goal stops along the way, but we mostly just went day by day, just the two of us.roadtrip.part1.14 roadtrip.part1.13

West Texas is mostly flat. There was a lot of this on our first driving day.roadtrip.part1.12

This bakery is apparently the “thumbprint cookie capital of the world.” I would raise them my house at Christmastime.roadtrip.part1.11

There are some pretty epic sunsets out there though. Gotta give it that.

We spent the night with the guy’s family in a cabin in New Mexico, and woke up to snow!roadtrip.part1.10

roadtrip.part1.8 roadtrip.part1.9


Talk about a cozy little cabin. Full of pups pretending to be people.newmex2 newmex1

Onward through New Mexico and Arizona. Hashtag skyroadtrip.part1.7

Its like all those pictures of Arizona you see of the striped mountains are true.roadtrip.part1.6

This picture looks incredibly moody. No filter. I love it.roadtrip.part1.5

I was in charge of taking pictures of scenery whilst in the car, in case the driver missed something epic.roadtrip.part1.3 roadtrip.part1.4

So close to the Grand Canyon, but we would have had to wait another day to see it. Next time we are coming for you, canyon.roadtrip.part1.1 roadtrip.part1.2

And another gorgeous sunset. Next stop, California!