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snow day

The schools in Austin were cancelled today, on account of the winter weather. We celebrated our “snow” day with some french toast this morning for breakfast.


And here is all the snow and ice, which is hard to see on account of all the sun that came out today.


roses are red

In preparation for the freezing weather, I went to the store and bought like a week’s worth of dinners. Because no one wants to risk the grocery store parking lot in the ice. So hopefully we won’t be forced to leave home much until the sun returns. But this guy doesn’t seem to mind the cold at the moment. Roses are red, bluebonnets are blue, please don’t freeze, it will be spring soon!


winter things to make

thingstomake2 thingstomake
I’ve only lived here for a handful of years, but I feel like this winter is colder than usual. I hardly ever remember walking around campus for more than a day or so when it was really cold. I don’t mind the chilly¬†season at all, but our house is on the¬†cold-blooded side. If its hot, its hot. If its cold, its cold. So we’ve been layering on blankets and our winter clothes. This would be a pretty blanket to add to our collection, and this is a cozy winter hat to keep our ears warms.

pretty presents

We were happily surprised by the gift of falling snow on Christmas morning. We didn’t even check the weather forecast, so we were all smiles when we looked outside.

After exploring the snow a bit, I warmed up with hot chocolate and turned my attention to under that tree. Wrapped presents are so pretty underneath the tree. I have to admire each one before I open it, so they know that I think they are pretty. But I try to imagine that they are just bursting with excitement for me to open them, because they know I will be so happy with what is inside.

snow shoessnow scenepresent1 present2 present3 present4 present5