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little details

I have read lots of things online about the little details at weddings. From some wedding websites, you are led to believe by the amazing photos that all the little details matter. Others advise that by the day after, all people will really remember is the overall feeling, and won’t even be able to recall the centerpieces.

I have always been a very detailed oriented person, so the little details do matter to me, even if no one else notices. I love focusing on my little projects. I am really excited to spend the next week getting everything ready!

wedding ribbons wedding bells

vow making

I have had “write wedding ceremony” on my list of things to do for a couple weeks. I have been putting it off, because I really want it to be sweet and simple, but it seema kinda impossible to fit all our feelings in there. And then there is the writing of the only vows I will ever get to say to my precious fiance! I just really want the whole thing to be right.

So now I have about 50 tabs open on my browser to collect ideas! If you know any good resources, please let me know!ee cummings quote

(quote from e.e. cummings here)

making invites

So real talk: It took me a very long time to make our wedding invites. Now, I did choose something crazy, and I totally knew what I was getting into, but there were times when I thought that they I wouldn’t be done until after we were already married. They kept me up at night. I thought about them all day. But even though they haunted my dreams, I loved making them. The guy would leave me sweet little notes of encouragement on top of my supplies. They gave my hands something to do instead of worrying about weddings and stuff. I was a little sad when I finished them, because the time in my life when I made our wedding invitations in my every spare moment was now over. So here is a little photo timeline of our wedding invites in the making.

makingof1 makingof2 makingof3 makingof4 makingof5 makingof6 makingof7 makingof8 makingof9 makingof10

our save the dates

Things I learned about save the dates:

1. If you have an idea in your head of what you want, just go for it.

2. If you make them yourself, something will probably go wrong, and you should just remember that it would be a boring story if everything went perfect.

3. Sometimes it is cheaper to make something yourself, but you have to be willing to spend more time.

4. No matter how soon you send them out, you are already late (fashionably).


Basically, I searched the internet for over a month looking for save the dates that caught my eye. While there are gorgeous options out there, I really wanted something that was “us” (don’t we all).

Anyway, I doodle a lot at work to keep my hands busy, and one day, my doodles reminded me of the middle school notebook when you doodle a cute boy’s name all over it. I thought that might be a cute idea for a save the date.

So we spent an evening making little drawings and doodles. I spent about one movie making all the doodles into tiny pictures on the computer. We bought paper and envelopes from Paper Source, and some washi tape from various Etsy stores. We got into a big fight with our printer. We won. We mailed them only 5 months in advance, and no one freaked out too badly. And this was one of my most favorite art projects of all time.

savedate1 savedate2 savedate3 savedate4 savedate6 savedate7

honeymoon searching

Everyone has a very strong opinion about where you should go on a honeymoon. Its one of the first things people started giving me advice on after we got engaged.

All I really want from a honeymoon is somewhere where you can see the stars, and breakfast. So maybe a cabin? Somewhere in the mountains or by the beach? Somewhere that brings breakfast to my door?breakfast in bedphoto from here

embroidered invitations

I am having a hard time finding invitations that I truly love. Maybe I am being picky. I think I have a general idea that is in my mind somewhere, and I can’t seem to find something that fits that idea.

I found these AMAZING invites from Rifle Paper Co the other day. They are custom, so you can’t buy them, but I really love the idea of them. Is hand embroidering 51 paper invitations crazy? Yes, it is. But it would be crazy awesome….

rifle paper co embroidered invite rifle paper co embroidered invite 2

bridesmaid cards

1. I like sewing on paper. 2. I haven’t sewed on paper in a while.

And that is how the idea of these cards came to be. I sewed the little card pockets together, then added the middle insert. I like the extra element of suspense and surprise. And in case you were nervous, they all said yes.

bridesmaid cards

And the quote is from Bridesmaids, of course.

envelope envy

Stamps are one of the things that you never really think about. I am also constantly misplacing the stamps all over the house.

I like the look of the stamp groupings for wedding invitations. I like the color variations, and the eclectic stamps you can find. It just looks more fancy, like your envelopes has moved across space and time to announce your love.

old stamps 2 old stamps 3 old stamps 4 old stamps 5old stamps 1

(pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)