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happy st patrick’s day

We had Irish soda bread buns for breakfast, but we haven’t found any four-leaf clovers yet. In honor of today, I looked through some of our Ireland vacation pictures from a couple years ago. We made it to Dublin the morning after St Patrick’s Day, so we barely missed the greenest holiday in the greenest country. Many fond memories were made on this trip. Here are some pictures of us in front of the Irish Sea, the garden at the Dublin Castle, standing on a bridge overlooking Dublin, and St Patrick’s Cathedral. Don’t forget to wear your green!

ireland4 ireland2 ireland1 ireland3

an afternoon in seattle

A couple weeks ago, I tagged along to one of Jon’s business meetings in Seattle. We were there for about 24 hours, and tried our best to keep count of every Starbucks we saw.

We got to our hotel pretty late in the evening, and missed our dinner time. So we ordered a massive amount of room service food and had a hotel bed picnic.


While Jon was doin business, I had about 4 hours to kill. I prepared by stepping into the map Friends style. (I swear we got this exact same map on our 4th grade field trip to Seattle. I have it in a scrapbook somewhere.)


I walked through the market, and as always, those flowers. What a beautiful job.


I decided to walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park. Also, this was the most beautiful fall day there ever was.

seattletrip7 seattletrip6 seattletrip5 seattletrip4 seattletrip3 seattletrip2

Once I walked a good long way, Jon saved me and we had some seafood for dinner. On the way to get coffee, we found a magnificent yarn store.


See ya later, Seattle! Next time, maybe we’ll actually take a trip up the Space Needle.

faux spring break

It’s always nice to spend a couple days back home. My vacation went by really fast, but we managed to make two kinds of pie, muffins, cake, cookies, crochet flowers, a doll, and some quilt pieces. We are pretty busy bees.

One of my very favorite things: my ma’s coffee cake.coffee cake

We were working to make these flowers into a garland. It will be adorable when its done.crochet flowers

road trip, with a history lesson

On this day, we drove about 11 hours or so through northern California, all the way up Oregon, into Washington. The southern Oregon part was the worst, since it was dark, the roads were curvy, and it was rainy. Only time it rained on us the whole trip. It was a long day of driving, but now I just remember all the laughing.

Northern California is gorgeous. Love me some mountains and trees.nocali6 nocali9 nocali7

We kept joking about how disgusting it was outside. Just really awful to look at.nocali8

History lesson number one: The guy says that this is the mountain where all bald eagles are born. And of course, the only cloud in the sky is covering the mountain at the same time that we get to the viewpoint.nocali12 nocali13

History lesson number two: This is the mountain where all vultures are born. Because it is dark and sinister looking.nocali3 nocali2

When we tell people about our trip, they always ask what we did to pass the time. Well, we talked to each other. Commented about the scenery. We sang along to road trip music. We just genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Makes me want to go on another road trip right now!nocali1


a floppy hat

I made just a couple key purchases for our honeymoon at the beach, and boy am I glad I did. I felt like a glowing newlywed who was spending the day lounging at the beach in style, and sometimes it just makes you feel even better to look the part. Before our trip, I really wanted a big floppy beach hat, and seriously, money well spent. It was one of the top 5 most awesome I have ever felt in my life. Here are some of my beach essentials:

beach time

I really want to wear my hat to work, so people don’t bug me as often. :)

floppy hat


countdown to the beach

We are getting super duper excited for our upcoming trip to Hawaii! After all the to-do lists and rushing around in the last couple weeks, I think we are both ready to have nothing on our agenda except to lay around. And I got it in my head that I need to have a beach hat, obviously. Or else how could I possible relax properly?

hats2  hats4 hats1  hats3

(found 1, 2, 3, 4)

honeymoon searching

Everyone has a very strong opinion about where you should go on a honeymoon. Its one of the first things people started giving me advice on after we got engaged.

All I really want from a honeymoon is somewhere where you can see the stars, and breakfast. So maybe a cabin? Somewhere in the mountains or by the beach? Somewhere that brings breakfast to my door?breakfast in bedphoto from here