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its nice to be appreciated

Whenever I get an order for some save the dates, I always get little butterflies because: 1. It means I have to do my best work 50+ times in a row, and 2. It means I get to be a little part in someone’s wedding. Always with great privilege, comes great responsibility.


But when I get little notes from happy customers, it makes all my hard work feel so appreciated. Here are a couple sweet notes I have received in the past couple months:

  • Oh my goodness they arrived today and they are absolutely to die for!! I know we are going to get a ton of compliments on these babies!! Thank you so much for all your hard work, I will be recommending you to all my friends in the future.
  • We have gotten a TON of compliments and we can´t thank you enough for the wonderful work you did! We kept one for ourselves to frame and keep forever!
  • I just got home from work and was so excited to see that my order arrived! I opened the box it to discover the most beautiful save-the date cards I have even seen in my life!!! Each one is a precious work of art. I can’t stop staring at them and am so excited to get them out to our guests.

Hope that makes you remember there are people in the world who appreciate your hard work, and your time means something more to them!

Hope you have a nice weekend! The sun came out here!

one month

I am going to marry my one true love in one month. So I thought I would share some glamour shots of our wedding invitations today. I didn’t want to forget what they looked like, and how much work I put into them.


The invite is an embroidered design, and then I hand lettered them all. (I know.) The RSVP card is attached to a recipe card, and guests were asked to send back a favorite recipe with their response. I love my ma’s collection of hand written recipes, so I thought this would be a fun way to start our own collection. I also am really pleased with my stamp choices, and how they turned out in general. One of my best craft projects ever.

invites4 invites2 invites3

making invites

So real talk: It took me a very long time to make our wedding invites. Now, I did choose something crazy, and I totally knew what I was getting into, but there were times when I thought that they I wouldn’t be done until after we were already married. They kept me up at night. I thought about them all day. But even though they haunted my dreams, I loved making them. The guy would leave me sweet little notes of encouragement on top of my supplies. They gave my hands something to do instead of worrying about weddings and stuff. I was a little sad when I finished them, because the time in my life when I made our wedding invitations in my every spare moment was now over. So here is a little photo timeline of our wedding invites in the making.

makingof1 makingof2 makingof3 makingof4 makingof5 makingof6 makingof7 makingof8 makingof9 makingof10

i pre-ordered stamps

That’s right. Its like I don’t even know myself anymore.

I think I am almost finally done with our invitations. It will actually be kinda weird when they are done, because I will have to find something else to occupy all my time.

But anyway, I really wanted neat stamps for the envelopes. Like these cool groupings. But do you know how much old stamps cost? A lot more than new stamps. Thankfully, the post office actually has some pretty stamps! I pre-ordered these vintage seed packet stamps a while back, and they are gorgeous! I also like these and these. Who knew I would obsess over stamps someday?

flower stamps

envelope envy

Stamps are one of the things that you never really think about. I am also constantly misplacing the stamps all over the house.

I like the look of the stamp groupings for wedding invitations. I like the color variations, and the eclectic stamps you can find. It just looks more fancy, like your envelopes has moved across space and time to announce your love.

old stamps 2 old stamps 3 old stamps 4 old stamps 5old stamps 1

(pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)