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things I am jazzed about this week


1. This guy. He is really the best, and I am so lucky to do another year with him.

2. We are finally getting a new dishwasher! How domestic that we are so excited for new appliances.

3. I got a new planner for Christmas, and I already filled up a whole week.

4. Its so chilly out, perfect for snuggling together with hot tea in the evenings.

5. Books. I just finished The Goldfinch, and now I’m reading Burial Rites, and this is up next.

6. Working on happy new year cards, since we didn’t get Christmas ones sent out in time.

7. Starting some new sewing projects.

over the weekend

I basically avoided almost all computers this weekend. It was nice. We spent the weekend watching football, eating, napping, and sewing/working. It was thunderstorming up a storm, so it made for a cozy weekend at home eating lots of banana bread.banana bread time

My one unpleasant task was cleaning out the pantry cupboard (the pantry moths have been upgraded to enemy number one status). But it did make me smile when I found all these cans of tuna fish. My guy sneaks one or two in the cart whenever we go grocery shopping, just in case. :)

tuna fish love

birthday treats

I am in the category of people who show they care by making things. In the case of birthdays, this usually means treats. My beloved panda celebrated his birthday on Sunday. We filled the weekend with things he loves, including a trip to the Co-op, football, tacos, random errands, napping, and birthday cake. It also helped that it was just about the most perfect weather that ever existed on Sunday, and we ate our breakfast cinnamon rolls outside on the patio and didn’t even sweat a little bit. Happy birthday, my most wonderful husband. I can’t wait for thousands of more birthdays.birthdaypanda1 birthdaypanda2

happiness and headbands

This guy makes me truly happy inside. You know what else makes me happy? This headband I made. Because my hair is always so big and puffy in this weather, and the headband really reins it in. And another thing that makes me happy? The boy that likes my big, fluffy hair.headband

I made the headband using this tutorial, and an old t-shirt. I am going to try another version this weekend.

vow making

I have had “write wedding ceremony” on my list of things to do for a couple weeks. I have been putting it off, because I really want it to be sweet and simple, but it seema kinda impossible to fit all our feelings in there. And then there is the writing of the only vows I will ever get to say to my precious fiance! I just really want the whole thing to be right.

So now I have about 50 tabs open on my browser to collect ideas! If you know any good resources, please let me know!ee cummings quote

(quote from e.e. cummings here)

following the recipe

While I was making some cookies tonight (and eating waaaay too much dough), I starting thinking about following recipes.

There is something very calming to me about following a recipe. I think it is a control thing. You can measure and mix according to instructions, and it will come out as a finished product (and you can add your own flair here and there).


It is also a little connection to home and family. I can follow a recipe given to me by my ma, knowing that her ma, and the ma’s before her, have all made the same thing. Its like you can taste the love.

But when I was making cookies tonight, I thought about trying to make something without a recipe. Cookies sans recipe. I know the basic ingredients and mixing order, but it could be a total disaster. Or it could be awesome. And something I could pass down for years to come.


envelope envy

Stamps are one of the things that you never really think about. I am also constantly misplacing the stamps all over the house.

I like the look of the stamp groupings for wedding invitations. I like the color variations, and the eclectic stamps you can find. It just looks more fancy, like your envelopes has moved across space and time to announce your love.

old stamps 2 old stamps 3 old stamps 4 old stamps 5old stamps 1

(pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)