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the start of a week

I like when a week starts off fresh. The to-do list from last week is all scratched off, and you start the next week with new goals and activities. I am looking forward to a change of pace this week, and taking a tiny break from sewing.

Does anyone else doodle while they are on the phone?morning zigzags

Dinner for one from my new cookbook. Super yummy, and I had the leftovers for lunch.colorful dinner

I always end up with way more than 24 pencils in the box. colored pencils 2

Drawing and coloring was a very nice way to spend an evening.colored pencils

our save the dates

Things I learned about save the dates:

1. If you have an idea in your head of what you want, just go for it.

2. If you make them yourself, something will probably go wrong, and you should just remember that it would be a boring story if everything went perfect.

3. Sometimes it is cheaper to make something yourself, but you have to be willing to spend more time.

4. No matter how soon you send them out, you are already late (fashionably).


Basically, I searched the internet for over a month looking for save the dates that caught my eye. While there are gorgeous options out there, I really wanted something that was “us” (don’t we all).

Anyway, I doodle a lot at work to keep my hands busy, and one day, my doodles reminded me of the middle school notebook when you doodle a cute boy’s name all over it. I thought that might be a cute idea for a save the date.

So we spent an evening making little drawings and doodles. I spent about one movie making all the doodles into tiny pictures on the computer. We bought paper and envelopes from Paper Source, and some washi tape from various Etsy stores. We got into a big fight with our printer. We won. We mailed them only 5 months in advance, and no one freaked out too badly. And this was one of my most favorite art projects of all time.

savedate1 savedate2 savedate3 savedate4 savedate6 savedate7