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envelope envy

Stamps are one of the things that you never really think about. I am also constantly misplacing the stamps all over the house.

I like the look of the stamp groupings for wedding invitations. I like the color variations, and the eclectic stamps you can find. It just looks more fancy, like your envelopes has moved across space and time to announce your love.

old stamps 2 old stamps 3 old stamps 4 old stamps 5old stamps 1

(pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

love stamps

This morning we looked at a wedding venue! Just to see. Because we are getting married. (I still can’t believe it sometimes.)

We don’t know exactly when or where we are going to get married yet, but I do know I want a more handmade, love-filled, meaningful, our-aunts-each-bring-a-pie type of wedding. I was browsing invitation inspiration, and came across some wedding stamps. The hand lettering on each of these is beautiful, and I love the handmade and unique result of stamping.

stamp wedding 1 stamp wedding 2 stamp wedding 3

(Stamps 1, 2, 3)