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embroidered invitations

I am having a hard time finding invitations that I truly love. Maybe I am being picky. I think I have a general idea that is in my mind somewhere, and I can’t seem to find something that fits that idea.

I found these AMAZING invites from Rifle Paper Co the other day. They are custom, so you can’t buy them, but I really love the idea of them. Is hand embroidering 51 paper invitations crazy? Yes, it is. But it would be crazy awesome….

rifle paper co embroidered invite rifle paper co embroidered invite 2

Wedding invitation inspiration

As most people know, the girl and I are in the midst of some major wedding planning efforts! It’s been pretty fun so far and the girl has taken the lead on lending her creativity to designing our save the dates and wedding invitations. So to spark some creativity, we went down to the Paper Source the other week here in Austin. It’s a pretty cool store and it seemed like they had a paper for any occasion!

The two below are ones I found as I was flipping through a huge binder of wedding invitation samples that caught my eye and I kind of liked because I respect a good font and color combo.

love stamps

This morning we looked at a wedding venue! Just to see. Because we are getting married. (I still can’t believe it sometimes.)

We don’t know exactly when or where we are going to get married yet, but I do know I want a more handmade, love-filled, meaningful, our-aunts-each-bring-a-pie type of wedding. I was browsing invitation inspiration, and came across some wedding stamps. The hand lettering on each of these is beautiful, and I love the handmade and unique result of stamping.

stamp wedding 1 stamp wedding 2 stamp wedding 3

(Stamps 1, 2, 3)