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things that caught my eye/ thirty-three


1. I generally like my fudge classic with walnuts, but this peanut butter chocolate fudge looks cute with the little swirl of chocolate on top. 2. Mini herb wreaths! 3. Now that I’ve conquered hats, its time to move on to mittens. 4. Salt dough ornaments have a cousin? 5. I don’t think I could ever eat these, but they look like a Christmas party.

What are you up to this December weekend? I have some animals to sew, a garden to protect from bugs, and we still have all the leaves in the world to rake. We’re tempted to get one of those extra large holiday bags that you fill with leaves. Hope you have a merry one!

cold december nights

During this cold spell, we have been doing all the cozy things you are supposed to do.

We spent a lazy evening watching a movie and eating dessert in our fuzzy socks.weekend12.8.2

Found some new types of tea, and whipped up some decorations out of some fabric scraps.weekend12.8.1

Lost my husband in a mountain of stuffed animals.weekend12.8.4

Working towards ultimate cozy time with a new afghan.weekend12.8.3

little details

I have read lots of things online about the little details at weddings. From some wedding websites, you are led to believe by the amazing photos that all the little details matter. Others advise that by the day after, all people will really remember is the overall feeling, and won’t even be able to recall the centerpieces.

I have always been a very detailed oriented person, so the little details do matter to me, even if no one else notices. I love focusing on my little projects. I am really excited to spend the next week getting everything ready!

wedding ribbons wedding bells