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colors and patterns

Picking wedding colors seems very final. Once you pick them, you are committed, and you spend the rest of your life together.

I was at my sewing desk, and found these bits of color and pattern inspiration. I found out that my work will be closed on Monday (yeah 3-day weekend), so I am going to buckle down and do some hard core color picking.

colors3colors1 colors2

the new-fashioned wedding

Ta da! My first wedding book (but not my last…). The New-Fashioned Wedding. And for reals, the book is amazing. So beautiful.

I definitely can’t afford to pull off the weddings actually shown in the book, but it goes through the inspiration and ideas behind the details that make up the wedding. Their style of fun, crafty, and thoughtful weddings gets my creative juices flowing.

I have been a little stressed out about the wedding lately. This book reminded me of the art, beauty, and originality that go into a wedding. Each one is special and perfect because two people are in love.

new fashioned weddings

love stamps

This morning we looked at a wedding venue! Just to see. Because we are getting married. (I still can’t believe it sometimes.)

We don’t know exactly when or where we are going to get married yet, but I do know I want a more handmade, love-filled, meaningful, our-aunts-each-bring-a-pie type of wedding. I was browsing invitation inspiration, and came across some wedding stamps. The hand lettering on each of these is beautiful, and I love the handmade and unique result of stamping.

stamp wedding 1 stamp wedding 2 stamp wedding 3

(Stamps 1, 2, 3)