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I just started reading the book Wild. I cried through most of the first part there, and I go through periods where she frustrates me, but I’m finding it fascinating. Its always neat to hear the opposite-of-expert guide. Of someone who just jumped into something with really no clue. Because I feel like I am constantly in that stage, and its nice to remember that everyone is.

And despite the gross parts about her feet, it still makes me really want to go hiking.

What books are you reading?

done girl

I finally finished Gone Girl last night. Have you read it?

I usually read a little every day, but I get to a point in a book where I just want to know how it is gonna end, so I binge read the rest. That was my last night. I know how to have a crazy Wednesday evening.

I thought Gone Girl would have a little different ending than it actually did. But I can say that I did get hooked on it, and it reeled me in pretty good. It would be a good airplane book, except that it gets a little creepy/scary, and I am a wee bit paranoid.

Now what should I read?

gone girl book

the new-fashioned wedding

Ta da! My first wedding book (but not my last…). The New-Fashioned Wedding. And for reals, the book is amazing. So beautiful.

I definitely can’t afford to pull off the weddings actually shown in the book, but it goes through the inspiration and ideas behind the details that make up the wedding. Their style of fun, crafty, and thoughtful weddings gets my creative juices flowing.

I have been a little stressed out about the wedding lately. This book reminded me of the art, beauty, and originality that go into a wedding. Each one is special and perfect because two people are in love.

new fashioned weddings