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coloring books

I am real big on coloring. I entered all the grocery store coloring contests when I was little. I meticulously colored maps and reports all through school. My ma still prints out coloring sheets for me when I go home. Its nice to just sit still and worry about nothing but coloring sometimes.


It can be kinda difficult to find coloring sheets online, so I’m thinking about investing in some real coloring books. Here are some cool ones I found- bonus points to the ones where you actually learn a little bit too. Its always good to have random facts tucked away about quilt patterns, animals, the Book of Kells, and dresses made of flowers.

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colors and patterns

Picking wedding colors seems very final. Once you pick them, you are committed, and you spend the rest of your life together.

I was at my sewing desk, and found these bits of color and pattern inspiration. I found out that my work will be closed on Monday (yeah 3-day weekend), so I am going to buckle down and do some hard core color picking.

colors3colors1 colors2