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two good things today

1. I managed a trip to the grocery store before the holiday weekend! Going shopping before a big food weekend is always an ordeal. Its so busy, and you get there at the wrong time, they are out of key ingredients. But, I scored a handful of peaches!


2. Our first spinach harvest! I washed and dried it, and put it into bags of one cup. I am hoping to use it for some smoothies we have been wanting to try. And, we went out to the garden yesterday evening, and picked “all” the cucumbers. But, I found these ones this morning. So we are either blind, or they grew magically overnight.


Hope you had some good things today, and have a safe and happy weekend!

over the weekend

Guess what? It only rained one tiny time this weekend! We did our best to spend the sunny days outside, despite the best efforts of the mosquitoes. I’m really hoping they start moving on to greener pastures once it dries out a bit. We started the weekend with some breakfast tacos and donuts, and our garden rewarded our yardwork with a good harvest.

weekend2 weekend1

our main crop

So far, we have been harvesting mostly green beans from the garden. All the rain is making everything super big and green, but the green beans are the fastest. Two dinner sized harvests already. Plus one big strawberry we found before the squirrels did. Good thing we love green beans, and these ones are especially delicious.

greenbeans1 greenbeans2

garden harvests

The hardest part of having a garden right now is watching them get sooo hot during the afternoon. I read that we aren’t supposed to water when the sun is up, since it could burn the plant, so I just have to give them pep talks instead. Thankfully, most of them perk back up in the evening.

Our spinach plant had a little trouble at the beginning of the season, but now its climbing circles around a tomato cage. harvests2

I know some people have cute garden baskets, but we always opt for the classic shirt basket. Those pear tomatoes are my fav summer snack.harvests

Gigantic cucumber

One of the best parts about our backyard urban farm is harvesting the vegetables of our labors. The other day we were out checking on the crops and we found this HUGE cucumber that had been hiding from us for what must have been weeks. Luckily we found it in time and now we just have to decide if we’re going to eat him in a salad or turn it into gigantic pickles with the new crinkle cut chopper that the girl got recently.