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our main crop

So far, we have been harvesting mostly green beans from the garden. All the rain is making everything super big and green, but the green beans are the fastest. Two dinner sized harvests already. Plus one big strawberry we found before the squirrels did. Good thing we love green beans, and these ones are especially delicious.

greenbeans1 greenbeans2

mix your own garden fertilizer

Making your own plant food is actually pretty simple! And I’ll be able to make more gallons of fertilizer with less money than buying the premade stuff. Plus, I know what goes in it, so we know what the plants will be eating, and what we will be eating. Good strong plants need good food to grow and fight off all those pesky bugs.


For one gallon of water (our can is two gallons, so I double this):

I dump all the ingredients into the watering can, then fill it the rest of the way with water. Sprinkle on the garden 2-4 times a month. Then I get jealous that the plants are eating molasses, and immediately want some cookies.