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we grew a carrot

Finally! After several seasons of trying, we’ve successfully grown an edible carrot! And just in time for the Easter bunny.

I’m planning on picking them all within the next week or two, to make way for pepper plants. What should we make with them?? I’m gonna try baby food, maybe roasting a handful, or just eat them plain. They smell so super carroty!

a trip to the farmers market

We went to the farmers market downtown on Saturday morning. We had a very sunny taco and cinnamon roll breakfast, and then wandered around the vegetables. We were pleased to see that our cucumbers rival even the best local farms, and that we could sell the weeds that grow abundantly in our driveway for $2 a bag. We decided our imaginary farmers market stall would also have sage, rosemary, spinach, and loaves of sourdough bread.

We might go back next week just for more of those super cute little onions.

farmersmarket1 farmersmarket2

garden harvests

The hardest part of having a garden right now is watching them get sooo hot during the afternoon. I read that we aren’t supposed to water when the sun is up, since it could burn the plant, so I just have to give them pep talks instead. Thankfully, most of them perk back up in the evening.

Our spinach plant had a little trouble at the beginning of the season, but now its climbing circles around a tomato cage. harvests2

I know some people have cute garden baskets, but we always opt for the classic shirt basket. Those pear tomatoes are my fav summer snack.harvests

harvest day

Our winter vegetables were starting to look a little on the overgrown side, so we decided to harvest most of it. Except those brussels sprouts, we are gonna see how those play out. We got a ton of kale, and a bunch of little leeks. I am thinking maybe potato and leek soup? Or I found a couple casserole type dishes that used potatoes and leeks. Do you have any favorites??winter harvest

Now time to start the spring garden! We are definitely getting some tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Tomatillos might be fun for salsa making too! We follow the planting suggestions here, and it looks like we have a lot to do.