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over the weekend

Guess what? It only rained one tiny time this weekend! We did our best to spend the sunny days outside, despite the best efforts of the mosquitoes. I’m really hoping they start moving on to greener pastures once it dries out a bit. We started the weekend with some breakfast tacos and donuts, and our garden rewarded our yardwork with a good harvest.

weekend2 weekend1

making breakfast tacos

We’ve been playing with the new Hyperlapse app, and made this video of our breakfast tacos. We also had a great time making a video for my sister’s birthday. The app is very forgiving with scene changes, and makes everything look like its going smoothly, as opposed to tripping and dropping stuff. If you like videos, but have a hard time with editing, we would recommend giving it a try!


things that caught my eye/ twenty two


1. Do you ever stalk airbnb? This is a houseboat in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower. 2. Obsessed with this garden, and how green it is. 3. An instagram full of bread pictures. 4. Pretty shoes. 5. Breakfast tacos with avocado and radish salsa. Did you know we love breakfast tacos?

Basically gonna spend the weekend watching these seeds grow. I have a book to finish reading too. So much to do. Happy August!

#SuBruNo: Brunch @ Torchy’s Tacos

Ok, so it’s not really a “brunch” spot but the girl and I had a craving for Torchy’s breakfast tacos so that’s where we went this past weekend for our “Bru” of our traditional #SubruNo activities (Sunday – Brunch – Nothing). You really can’t go wrong with a breakfast taco or two to kick-start your Sunday!

2013-08-04 10.48.44

breakfast in austin

Getting breakfast on weekends is one of my favorite things ever to do with my one true love. We occasionally try new places, but we have a couple favorites we go back to over and over again.

Since everyone in the world is coming to Austin, I just wanted to give a hint about 3 places you should NOT get breakfast, since I would like to eat there peacefully as usual.

1. 24 Diner. I like to get waffles or the breakfast platter. The guy likes the 24 hash or chicken and waffles. (photo)


2. Kerbey Lane. I wish I could eat the whole breakfast menu in one sitting, plus some Kerbey queso. (photo)


3. Rudy’s. Breakfast tacos or pigs in a blanket. (photo)