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two good things today

1. I managed a trip to the grocery store before the holiday weekend! Going shopping before a big food weekend is always an ordeal. Its so busy, and you get there at the wrong time, they are out of key ingredients. But, I scored a handful of peaches!


2. Our first spinach harvest! I washed and dried it, and put it into bags of one cup. I am hoping to use it for some smoothies we have been wanting to try. And, we went out to the garden yesterday evening, and picked “all” the cucumbers. But, I found these ones this morning. So we are either blind, or they grew magically overnight.


Hope you had some good things today, and have a safe and happy weekend!

tales from the garden

There have been ups and downs in the garden. First of all, there was this bugger, who immediately became enemy number 1. So mean and selfish to eat the entire top of the green pepper plant yourself. But I am happy to say that the pepper seems to be growing some new leaves, so I’m hopeful he will recover.


Our cucumbers are still being rockstars. We have tons of pickles to make, and so many lemon cucumbers.

gardentales3 gardentales2

I think our squash plant got a little too moist, and encouraged some bugs to visit. He was doing so well, and then I found a bunch of holes in his stem, and his leaves wilted. I thanked him for his service, and now we have some pumpkins growing there, which I am excited about.


Finally, our spinach patch has really taken off. Its pouring rain this afternoon, but I’m planning to make the first big harvest soon. What shall I make with it??


pickle season

We have sooo many cucumbers. They are one of the only veggies in the garden not complaining about all these flooding rains. Just keep growing is their motto. I picked a big batch of pickling cucumbers last week, so now we haveĀ a couple jars of sweet pickles, to eat with our sandwiches or as snacks. We made some of Jon’s favorite pulled pork in the crock pot, and ate it on sandwiches with bbq sauce, and lots of these pickles!

pickles 2 pickles

making pickles

We had a few bigger cucumbers from the garden, so we decided to make a small batch of pickles. I also recently acquired a crinkle cutter, and I really wanted to try it out on some pickle chips.


This was also one of those- well, the cookies are baking in the oven, so I might as well make myself useful- moments. So I probably washed my hands 800 times while switching from cutting garlic to rolling cookie dough.

I loosely followed a recipe, but I didn’t have quite the right type of spices. And since there were cookies in the oven, I just used a mixture of what we had. Peppercorns, mustard seeds, hot pepper flakes, and dill weed.


We ended up with two little jars of pickle chips. We waited a couple days, then ate one whole jar with pulled pork sandwiches. And then we did the same thing the next day. Now we are saving up our cucumbers for the next batch!