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trip to enchanted rock

Last weekend, we took an adventure day to go climb up Enchanted Rock. We went all the way up to the top. I was a little terrified coming back down, but we made it round trip in one piece!

It was a nice, sunny day, with a little bit of chill in the wind. We were glad we had long sleeves when we got to the summit. The wind up there was cold on our ears.


When you are this far away, you think, oh it doesn’t look that steep. Extremely deceiving. Like a stair stepper times a hundred, plus the added danger of falling off the side.

enchantedrock2 enchantedrock3

We took a different route home and stopped for some bbq. The meat here is good, but they don’t have pickles on the side. Instead they have jalepenos. Just in case pickles with your bbq is a deciding factor.


We made it home in the afternoon, and then took a nice nap. All that danger and sandwiches made us sleepy.

an afternoon in seattle

A couple weeks ago, I tagged along to one of Jon’s business meetings in Seattle. We were there for about 24 hours, and tried our best to keep count of every Starbucks we saw.

We got to our hotel pretty late in the evening, and missed our dinner time. So we ordered a massive amount of room service food and had a hotel bed picnic.


While Jon was doin business, I had about 4 hours to kill. I prepared by stepping into the map Friends style. (I swear we got this exact same map on our 4th grade field trip to Seattle. I have it in a scrapbook somewhere.)


I walked through the market, and as always, those flowers. What a beautiful job.


I decided to walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park. Also, this was the most beautiful fall day there ever was.

seattletrip7 seattletrip6 seattletrip5 seattletrip4 seattletrip3 seattletrip2

Once I walked a good long way, Jon saved me and we had some seafood for dinner. On the way to get coffee, we found a magnificent yarn store.


See ya later, Seattle! Next time, maybe we’ll actually take a trip up the Space Needle.