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rocks and plants

I have a working theory that everything I plant half dies, then, in its own sweet time, comes back to life and decides to grow. I am sure the┬ácrazy weather doesn’t help. If you left me outside in this, I would have to carefully consider coming back to life too. But I am happy to see our rock garden is finally starting to fill in a little bit. I also added that cactus in the pot for another layer, and he is just as happy as a clam there.


weekends rock

Figuratively and literally. In between the rain showers, we were able to get outside and get to work on laying our rocks. I am forever thankful that the guy and I make a very good team! We aren’t quite half done yet, but so far, it it is going a lot easier, and looks much better, than we both thought. Its like giant Tetris, with a lot more shoveling.

rock tetris

road trip, part two

On our way to sunny California! The guy goes to San Jose for work a lot, but I don’t really remember the last time I set foot in California, besides an airport. I guess when I was like 11?? Anyway, I was pretty excited about it, and we spent the first part of our drive there talking like this.

It started out a little cloudy, but it quickly turned into the sunny sky you might imagine floats above California.cali5 cali4 cali2 cali1 cali3

One of our goal stops was Monterey. We emerged from days of desert driving to find the ocean.monterey2 monterey4 monterey1

We stopped for lunch at a little touristy place by the water. He ordered some soup in a bread bowl, and was so pleased with himself. Seriously, SO happy.monterey5

road trip, part one

I love going through all these pictures. Such good memories.

The idea of the holiday road trip to the northwest first popped into our heads a little after Thanksgiving. Basically, it was a “why not” type of thing. Driving is definitely slower than flying, but we decided that it would be an adventure. If we did it, we probably wouldn’t look back and think it was awful to spend a couple weeks together exploring.

So a week or so before Christmas, we jumped in the car, stopped at the store for some snacks, and began our journey. We had the basic route map, and some goal stops along the way, but we mostly just went day by day, just the two of us.roadtrip.part1.14 roadtrip.part1.13

West Texas is mostly flat. There was a lot of this on our first driving day.roadtrip.part1.12

This bakery is apparently the “thumbprint cookie capital of the world.” I would raise them my house at Christmastime.roadtrip.part1.11

There are some pretty epic sunsets out there though. Gotta give it that.

We spent the night with the guy’s family in a cabin in New Mexico, and woke up to snow!roadtrip.part1.10

roadtrip.part1.8 roadtrip.part1.9


Talk about a cozy little cabin. Full of pups pretending to be people.newmex2 newmex1

Onward through New Mexico and Arizona. Hashtag skyroadtrip.part1.7

Its like all those pictures of Arizona you see of the striped mountains are true.roadtrip.part1.6

This picture looks incredibly moody. No filter. I love it.roadtrip.part1.5

I was in charge of taking pictures of scenery whilst in the car, in case the driver missed something epic.roadtrip.part1.3 roadtrip.part1.4

So close to the Grand Canyon, but we would have had to wait another day to see it. Next time we are coming for you, canyon.roadtrip.part1.1 roadtrip.part1.2

And another gorgeous sunset. Next stop, California!

pumpkin patch

This is the best pumpkin patch in the world. Rasmussen Farms in Hood River, Oregon. It’s a real pumpkin patch. Where you have to walk yourself out into the field of pumpkins and pick one for yourself. When you find the perfect one, you check it over, clean the dirt off with spit, and then rip it off the vine. Its pure fall and happiness.

If I had my way, I would get married in the middle of the pumpkin patch. It has breathtaking scenery, and smells like fresh apples. Everyone would wear boots, and the bridesmaids would wear braids in their hair.