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Our first anniversary had two parts. Part one was the peach-iversary. Part two, the beach-iversary.

We hopped in the car on Sunday morning, with the most perfect Oregon coast weather over our heads, and bellies ready to be filled with ice cream. On Monday morning, that misty ocean fog greeted us, and we had the whole beach to ourselves. I can’t wait to bring back a pack of Sanders someday, and we’ll collect every piece of sand dollar, and make this handsome guy of mine rinse off the shells in the cold ocean water.


road trip, part two

On our way to sunny California! The guy goes to San Jose for work a lot, but I don’t really remember the last time I set foot in California, besides an airport. I guess when I was like 11?? Anyway, I was pretty excited about it, and we spent the first part of our drive there talking like this.

It started out a little cloudy, but it quickly turned into the sunny sky you might imagine floats above California.cali5 cali4 cali2 cali1 cali3

One of our goal stops was Monterey. We emerged from days of desert driving to find the ocean.monterey2 monterey4 monterey1

We stopped for lunch at a little touristy place by the water. He ordered some soup in a bread bowl, and was so pleased with himself. Seriously, SO happy.monterey5

beach to real life ratio

And….I have been plopped back into real life. Back to the normal work day routine. But as of this moment, we have been married for 9 days, and have spent 5 of those days on the beach. So we are still rocking a pretty awesome beach to real life ratio for our days as husband and wife. Let’s try to keep that up, shall we?

my husband at the beach sweetheart rock