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road trip, with a history lesson

On this day, we drove about 11 hours or so through northern California, all the way up Oregon, into Washington. The southern Oregon part was the worst, since it was dark, the roads were curvy, and it was rainy. Only time it rained on us the whole trip. It was a long day of driving, but now I just remember all the laughing.

Northern California is gorgeous. Love me some mountains and trees.nocali6 nocali9 nocali7

We kept joking about how disgusting it was outside. Just really awful to look at.nocali8

History lesson number one: The guy says that this is the mountain where all bald eagles are born. And of course, the only cloud in the sky is covering the mountain at the same time that we get to the viewpoint.nocali12 nocali13

History lesson number two: This is the mountain where all vultures are born. Because it is dark and sinister looking.nocali3 nocali2

When we tell people about our trip, they always ask what we did to pass the time. Well, we talked to each other. Commented about the scenery. We sang along to road trip music. We just genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Makes me want to go on another road trip right now!nocali1


road trip, san fran edition

Our big goal stop for the trip was San Francisco. We had to actively try not to fall in love with it. Who wouldn’t love a city that put a prison on its own island.

Christmas lights also make everything look more magical. Super festive.sanfran8boudin6

We knew the streets were slanted and all, but it was like intense upward hiking to find this.sanfran1



We couldn’t get a decent picture together in front of the bridge because the sun was attempting to burn holes in our eyes.sanfran2

A very nice gentleman offered to take our picture in front of the bridge, and told us to stand here, but bless his heart, there is no bridge in the picture. He did tell us that pictures and memories are very important, and I do believe he is right on that one. sfran3

I half want to and half don’t want to go on an Alcatraz tour. I don’t want to end up being used in a hostage situation.sanfran3

What is more festive than chocolate?sanfran6

Excuse the blurry night picture, but we are young and in love.sfran2



We sensed there was a theme to this hotel, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it…sanfran10

Next is a drive through northern California, featuring history according to Mr Sander.

road trip, part two

On our way to sunny California! The guy goes to San Jose for work a lot, but I don’t really remember the last time I set foot in California, besides an airport. I guess when I was like 11?? Anyway, I was pretty excited about it, and we spent the first part of our drive there talking like this.

It started out a little cloudy, but it quickly turned into the sunny sky you might imagine floats above California.cali5 cali4 cali2 cali1 cali3

One of our goal stops was Monterey. We emerged from days of desert driving to find the ocean.monterey2 monterey4 monterey1

We stopped for lunch at a little touristy place by the water. He ordered some soup in a bread bowl, and was so pleased with himself. Seriously, SO happy.monterey5