road trip, san fran edition

Our big goal stop for the trip was San Francisco. We had to actively try not to fall in love with it. Who wouldn’t love a city that put a prison on its own island.

Christmas lights also make everything look more magical. Super festive.sanfran8boudin6

We knew the streets were slanted and all, but it was like intense upward hiking to find this.sanfran1



We couldn’t get a decent picture together in front of the bridge because the sun was attempting to burn holes in our eyes.sanfran2

A very nice gentleman offered to take our picture in front of the bridge, and told us to stand here, but bless his heart, there is no bridge in the picture. He did tell us that pictures and memories are very important, and I do believe he is right on that one. sfran3

I half want to and half don’t want to go on an Alcatraz tour. I don’t want to end up being used in a hostage situation.sanfran3

What is more festive than chocolate?sanfran6

Excuse the blurry night picture, but we are young and in love.sfran2



We sensed there was a theme to this hotel, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it…sanfran10

Next is a drive through northern California, featuring history according to Mr Sander.

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