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fabric napkins

I started making some fabric napkins while my quilt fabric was in the wash the other week. I always think that we use too many paper towels, so I hope that having a whole bunch of fabric napkins on the table will help. Also, there is the pretty factor!

I originally wanted to do a running stitch along the edge (like these beauties), but a zig zag stitch added a nice bit of flare. I made a teeny tiny hem, so I think it will hold in place a little better this way.

fabricnapkins1 fabricnapkins2

So far, they are holding up well after going through the wash, and they add some pretty color to the table!


recipe cards

My ma has the absolute best collection of recipes. She has this little chest that is full of handwritten recipe cards from all kinds of family and friends. I loved looking through it as a kid. Not only are they great recipes, but there is so much history and love in those cards.

So for Christmas, I was lucky to get some items to start my own recipe collection! I have already written down a couple of my favorite internet recipes, and I look forward to adding more.

recipe card 2 recipe card1 recipe card 3

Some more cute recipe cards for when I need more (found here): recipe cards