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panda cookies

Are these not the most adorable cookies you have ever seen? I took a picture of these before they went in the oven just in case something terrible happened in there, but thank goodness, they came out looking just as good. And they are even fully edible! Although I don’t know how you could eat one, instead of just filling your pockets with them.

panda cookies 2 panda cookies 1

sourdough/ week twelve

Halfway through the year, and we already baked up (at least) 12 loaves of sourdough! Sticking with this project feels like an accomplishment, since each loaf takes quite a bit of time and care, or at least the time to remember its there and to move on to the next step! Really makes you appreciate the work and love that goes into a good loaf of bread.

This week, we made a raisin rye sourdough bread, and tried out my new diy proofing box!


Our new proofing box! Which is actually just a large tupperware container. After an hour proofing at room temperature, I boil some water in a little mason jar, then put the bread and the jar into the tupperware, and close the lid up. The water is supposed to make it a bit warmer and more moist, to help with flavor and rise. By no means a controlled environment, but we are working up to it!


For a rye bread, I would say we got some pretty good lift out of it! I also think it is one of the prettiest loaves of bread we have made so far. We gave it away as a gift, but we received very good reviews! Excited to make a loaf to keep soon so we can try it for ourselves.

raisinrye3 raisinrye4

fabric napkins

I started making some fabric napkins while my quilt fabric was in the wash the other week. I always think that we use too many paper towels, so I hope that having a whole bunch of fabric napkins on the table will help. Also, there is the pretty factor!

I originally wanted to do a running stitch along the edge (like these beauties), but a zig zag stitch added a nice bit of flare. I made a teeny tiny hem, so I think it will hold in place a little better this way.

fabricnapkins1 fabricnapkins2

So far, they are holding up well after going through the wash, and they add some pretty color to the table!


our first fermentation

We have some fermenting veggies sitting on our counter, and it is pretty convenient that, in this case at least, the jars are very colorful and pretty! We started our inaugural batches of sauerkraut and kimchi last weekend, and they are tasting pretty good so far. We were kinda nervous to taste them for the first time. Knowing that you are basically growing tiny organisms in your food, and then eating them, is a little weird to actually think about!

We made sauerkraut with red cabbage, since we tend to eat that more often on tacos and things. We used this recipe for the kimchi. My one suggestion would be to wear gloves or something if you have sensitive skin. My hand had a burning feeling for a couple hours afterward!fermentations

a new dress

Well looky here. Just last week, this was a pile of fabric. Now it is a dress. I am sure it is very pleased with its transformation. I haven’t tried it on yet, but it looks pretty good on the hanger. bluedress2

It has some elastic on the sleeves and on the back at the waist to add some shape.bluedress3

I had this cool gold button picked out, but I accidentally made the button loop too small. Good thing I had a back-up button ready.bluedress4

I hand stitched the hem up. It actually didn’t take as long as I thought it would, and made me feel like I was living in a little house on a prairie.bluedress

I’m already on the hunt for my next pattern, so let me know if you see anything awesome!

a home for a kindle

My kindle has been roaming around unprotected since forever. Its survived hundreds of shoves into my backpack, luggage, purse, etc, and thankfully only has one tiny scratch. Its been so good to me, so I thought it was time for me to show my appreciation. I whipped up this little cover for it yesterday. I love that wooden button.kindlecoverkindlecover


sourdough/ week two

This is a Swedish limpa bread made from sourdough starter. It has some rye flour, as well as some different types of seeds, a touch of brown sugar, and a little orange zest. Heartier and darker than traditional sourdough. We ate it as toast for breakfast with butter and jam. Yummy in the tummy.

I was excited to try a rye bread. The internet says that rye sourdough is supposed to be the most healthy type of bread. I was a tad worried about the rising process, since rye breads tend to be more dense, but my little yeast army worked like magic.sourdoughlimpabread

The guy just sharpened all our knives, so look at those beautiful slash marks now!