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mix your own garden fertilizer

Making your own plant food is actually pretty simple! And I’ll be able to make more gallons of fertilizer with less money than buying the premade stuff. Plus, I know what goes in it, so we know what the plants will be eating, and what we will be eating. Good strong plants need good food to grow and fight off all those pesky bugs.


For one gallon of water (our can is two gallons, so I double this):

I dump all the ingredients into the watering can, then fill it the rest of the way with water. Sprinkle on the garden 2-4 times a month. Then I get jealous that the plants are eating molasses, and immediately want some cookies.

the tomatoes are coming

We are so happy to have some baby tomatoes starting! I love going out to the garden and seeing how green everyone is, and how fast everyone is growing. I started making my own fertilizer mix, and I really think its working. Its a more organic blend, and you know how those hipster farmers market foods can be. Next I want to start a mason bee colony, to help out until some of our flowers start blooming more.

tomatoes1 tomatoes2

plants in the front yard

Spring has hit in the front yard. The plants are coming back to life, and starting to grow into each other. Having a full, green flower garden is always the dream, right?

The rock garden is filling in nicely. I love the way the greenery grew around the pot. It makes me glad I left it right there all winter. We just added the little flower to the pot for the spring.


Our little herb garden is still going strong! The sage and rosemary have started to get very cozy together.


And the mint is spreading like wildflower. I just read that mint is a creeper, and should be contained in a pot, but oh well! Hopefully it realizes that rock boundary was an actual serious suggestion.


What are you growing this time of year?

starting our summer garden

We’ve been doing some very thorough garden planning the past couple weeks. The late freeze set us back a little in timing, but everything will get planted soon!

I picked the last of our winter lettuces and greens this week. I lovingly washed them all, and sent the extras to the office so it will reach the destiny of being eaten.


We are giving square foot gardening a try this season, so we mapped out our beds, and did some research in companion planting.


We planted some seeds in a couple beds last week before the rain came, and look at that- they are already starting to grow! We have lots of beans, and a whole row of corn we are cheering on!


the strawberry patch

We added a strawberry patch to the garden! Isn’t it just the cutest little patch you ever did see.

We made the planter ourselves with our creative gardening skills. I really wanted a tiered circular planter, to add some visual interest to the garden. We had a hard time finding one that fit my landscape vision, so we made our own using some garden edging. Now its perfect.

strawberry patch

february gardening

Like any good tiny business owner staring out the window at the perfect weather outside, I’ve done all my work in the morning, and spent the afternoon tending the yard and getting ready for our spring garden. I count it as getting my fresh air, exercise, and helping my legs not look so winter pale.

Our winter garden is still growing along. We haven’t bought lettuce in forever. Our herbs are getting to be pretty impressive too.

Have you ever grown cauliflower? Maybe we accidentally picked a fancy variety, or maybe it turns white later??


I inadvertently picked a baby carrot while weeding. I was positive that none of the carrots made it through the colder months, so I was excited to see it anyway!


And we already have some spring peas growing! Nothing like peas straight from the vine.


We still have some garden beds to prepare, but we are hoping to be all ready to plant our tomatoes the first week in March. At least a month earlier than we got them in the ground last year, and we are hoping it makes for even more tomatoes!

the winter garden

In our extra hour last weekend, we planted our winter garden, which we could also call our future salad garden. Lots of lettuce, kale, broccoli, onions, and cauliflower type veggies.


We interspersed the veggies with complimentary herbs and flowers. We had a bit of trouble with bugs last winter, so we are hoping the smell of the herbs confuses the bugs and they leave peacefully. And the flowers are for our friends the bees.

saladgarden3 saladgarden2

You know sometimes plants are a little wilty when you first plant them? I checked on them the next morning, and they all looked crispy and happy! It just rained for 2 days straight, so I hope they are off to a good start in their new home.


the great outdoors

Being outside really is great. Just a couple hours in the faux fall fresh air, and all my cares (except my constant worry about the state of the plants) slip away. I spent some time last week doing a little work around the yard.

There is no number high enough to describe the amount of times I have lost the clippers in the yard.


These flowers lost all their leaves at the end of summer, but they are making a strong comeback now.


I cleaned a bit of the gutter out, and a lizard almost killed me, but the view up there wasn’t too bad.


And to cap off an already pretty perfect day, frozen yogurt with my best friend.