february gardening

Like any good tiny business owner staring out the window at the perfect weather outside, I’ve done all my work in the morning, and spent the afternoon tending the yard and getting ready for our spring garden. I count it as getting my fresh air, exercise, and helping my legs not look so winter pale.

Our winter garden is still growing along. We haven’t bought lettuce in forever. Our herbs are getting to be pretty impressive too.

Have you ever grown cauliflower? Maybe we accidentally picked a fancy variety, or maybe it turns white later??


I inadvertently picked a baby carrot while weeding. I was positive that none of the carrots made it through the colder months, so I was excited to see it anyway!


And we already have some spring peas growing! Nothing like peas straight from the vine.


We still have some garden beds to prepare, but we are hoping to be all ready to plant our tomatoes the first week in March. At least a month earlier than we got them in the ground last year, and we are hoping it makes for even more tomatoes!

1 thought on “february gardening

  1. Dan

    I suspect that veggie you’re wondering about is broccoli raab rather than cauliflower. I’m jealous of your baby carrot and peas! It’s so stinkin cold here in Michigan.


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