planting a sweet potato

Have you ever tried to plant a sprouted sweet potato? I know its hypothetically possible, so when this one started to grow its own little leaves, we decided we might as well try sticking it out in the garden. We are trying this method, since all our available garden bed space is taken. So we’ll see how this experiment goes!

sweet potato

2 thoughts on “planting a sweet potato

  1. creaturecomfortquilts

    I have sprouted sweet potatoes and grown them in the garden. Usually one twists off the sprouts when they are four inches long or so. If you want , you can cut this end of the sweet potato off and put the cut end over a glass of water (suspend using tooth picks stuck into the sweet potato). When the sprouts are large enough, twist them off and put them into a glass of water and wait for them to develop roots. Once they do and it is warm enough, plant them outside! I have on occasion planted sprouted potatoes, and that does work as well. The leaves and vines do take a lot of space, but can spill out into paths to not utilize planting space.


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