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A snow day in May

I’ve been traveling some for work recently and was in Denver last week and if you can believe it, there was snow in May! I have to admit that it was pretty fun to see snow since I am from Texas and all and don’t typically get to see snow that often. It was a little weird to see it in May though in such force.

pretty presents

We were happily surprised by the gift of falling snow on Christmas morning. We didn’t even check the weather forecast, so we were all smiles when we looked outside.

After exploring the snow a bit, I warmed up with hot chocolate and turned my attention to under that tree. Wrapped presents are so pretty underneath the tree. I have to admire each one before I open it, so they know that I think they are pretty. But I try to imagine that they are just bursting with excitement for me to open them, because they know I will be so happy with what is inside.

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