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window shopping

When I first heard of Fab, I thought, oh great, another one of those¬†sites that will send me 500 emails. But I was wrong. They are awesome. I get to see all kinds of products and designers I wouldn’t normally see. And they are cool. For instance, I probably wouldn’t have seen these beautiful prints if it weren’t for Fab:

Fab Rome

Cool vintage-style world prints.

Fab Austin

Fun and simple city prints, like this one of Austin.

Fab Culinary

Sweet collection of infographic style prints, like a map of culinary tools.

what I bought at the mall today

I volunteered to be in charge of the gift donation drive at work this year. I “adopted” some kids from a local organization, made the little angel tree with the ornaments, and waited. Pretty soon, we had mountains of presents, and a bunch of donated money to buy the rest of the gifts.

I went to the mall this morning to search for a pair of shoes, and a kind of perfume, and an iPod, and other little gifts on their lists. But I hope it wasn’t really “things” I was buying. I hope that I spent that donated money to help the kids feel like someone cares about them. That someone is on their side and thinks they deserve to be happy.

donated gifts

It makes my heart happy that some people are good, and remember what Christmas is for.