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weekend snaps

The weather this weekend was top notch. The first couple days of nice weather after the cold and dreary should be a holiday. We spent much time running around doing errands and visiting, but we also spent quite a bit of time outside doing some sprucing up. All the 75 and sunny had me thinking it was time to go get some more flowers, but alas, who knows what the sky will do next week.

weekend1.20.2 weekend1.20Don’t forget to eat your greens this week!

winter garden update

I spent most of my time this week finishing up my last orders, and organizing all the Christmas presents. Not much time on the internet this week (although this video is amazing). But do you know where I do spend my free daytime? Our garden.

We had a little caterpillar issue. I think we caught it early enough, and now all the plants seem to be really growing. Those little buggers though. They wake up, and just go to town chomping on plants.


We made our garden beds straight into the ground this season, so its been a constant fight to keep the weeds and fallen leaves from interfering with our growing salads.

But our hard work is definitely paying off! We had some fresh rainbow chard this week, chives on our baked potatoes, and arugula with our scrambled eggs.


harvest day

Our winter vegetables were starting to look a little on the overgrown side, so we decided to harvest most of it. Except those brussels sprouts, we are gonna see how those play out. We got a ton of kale, and a bunch of little leeks. I am thinking maybe potato and leek soup? Or I found a couple casserole type dishes that used potatoes and leeks. Do you have any favorites??winter harvest

Now time to start the spring garden! We are definitely getting some tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Tomatillos might be fun for salsa making too! We follow the planting suggestions here, and it looks like we have a lot to do.