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add greeting cards to a scrapbook

We have a pretty neat wedding scrapbook going. I consider it still “going” because I’ve been keeping this box of little keepsakes and cards that I¬†wanted to add to the book. The biggest problem was how to add greeting cards to it. If I shoved them all in one or a couple big pockets, it would be super bulky, and the cards are always falling out. But I recently had a brainstorm, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

scrapbooking greeting cards scrapbooking greeting cards3

I took some 12×12 page protectors I already had, laid the cards out, and then drew out the separating lines. I sewed along the lines to make custom shaped pockets. I carefully cut a slit to make the lower pockets, and then added some decorative tape to the gnarly plastic edge. Then I added the cards in, and put a little piece of tape to hold things in place.

scrapbooking greeting cards2

All the cards lay pretty flat in the book, and we are still able to take them out and read them for years to come!

college scrapbook

One of my summer goals is to catch up on my scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook, but I got a little behind, which can be really overwhelming. BUT, I finally finished up my college scrapbook! I did my best to not overthink anything or try to make it perfect. I just had fun using a lot of my hoarded supplies, and I’m pretty happy with the finished product.

college scrapbook1 college scrapbook2 college scrapbook4 college scrapbook5 college scrapbook3

football scrapbook

Let’s see… I graduated from UT 4 years ago, so these pictures are at least that old. And I have been hoarding a box of football/Texas scrapbooking supplies for about that long too. My new computer is much faster for sifting through photos, so I finally got to work on printing some out, and making that college football scrapbook.

While I was picking out photos, I was thinking about how college is a weird time. Some of the people are still your very best friends, and then some you never see again. Such is life. It was still fun to look through the memories.footballscrapbook1

Since there were so many photos I wanted to include, I basically grouped them into collages on the computer, printed them on photo paper, and then cut them out, keeping the collage in tact. That way I didn’t have to place every photo separately, and I could still use all the hoarded papers, and stickers, and other supplies.footballscrapbook2

If it looks like a football themed scrapbook store threw up on the pictures, good. That is exactly what I was going for. I just wanted to have fun using all the toys. Its nice to just make whatever pops into your head, and if it doesn’t turn out just right, I just tape something better over it.

a scrapbook for now

Scrapbooking is one of my first loves. I started right after high school, and loved it so much. When I went off to college, I didn’t have room for all my supplies in my dorm (and I had homework to focus on anyway….). And then, I graduated, got a silly job, and I just haven’t printed out an actual picture in years.

I have been thinking about wedding guestbooks. There are lots of ideas out there. Mostly, I wanted it to be something we want to keep.

Since our families are kinda spread out, I got the idea to make a scrapbook, and include some of our history in it. So I got some photos printed, bought some page protectors, and got to work. I had SO much fun. I am still working on it, so its still just a scrapbook for now, but here is some of my progress so far:

scrapbook1 scrapbook2 scrapbook3 scrapbook4 scrapbook5