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college scrapbook

One of my summer goals is to catch up on my scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook, but I got a little behind, which can be really overwhelming. BUT, I finally finished up my college scrapbook! I did my best to not overthink anything or try to make it perfect. I just had fun using a lot of my hoarded supplies, and I’m pretty happy with the finished product.

college scrapbook1 college scrapbook2 college scrapbook4 college scrapbook5 college scrapbook3

museum of fine arts

We played tourists while we were in Houston last week. Our itinerary was thoughtfully arranged by Jon, and our first day included a trip to the art museum and bbq for lunch. We saw tons of gold, lots of Korean art, and stole peeks at the Monet exhibit.


We had no idea there was a Korean exhibit! But I was thrilled to see all these pieces displayed in Jon’s exotic home country of Houston.

The colors on these paintings is so spectacularly vibrant. Must have been good quality paint.


We wondered a lot about where you buy those huge gold frames.


And then I found my favorite work of art, and we had lunch together.

It’s a bike and a table

This past weekend we made a game-time decision to head down to the Renegade Craft Fair on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the girl’s half-birthday. There was one vendor there called Mod-Tops that was pretty awesome because they made tables and other types of furniture out of reclaimed wood and other products. The bike-table was the coolest one there I think.

2013-05-18 17.56.02

window shopping

When I first heard of Fab, I thought, oh great, another one of those sites that will send me 500 emails. But I was wrong. They are awesome. I get to see all kinds of products and designers I wouldn’t normally see. And they are cool. For instance, I probably wouldn’t have seen these beautiful prints if it weren’t for Fab:

Fab Rome

Cool vintage-style world prints.

Fab Austin

Fun and simple city prints, like this one of Austin.

Fab Culinary

Sweet collection of infographic style prints, like a map of culinary tools.