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sunday snacks!

If you ask Jon, he will tell you what an excellent football commentator I am. He will also tell you that I can snack like a champion. So we love Super Bowl day! Plus, we each have a B.S. in advertising so it really is a treat all around. What snacks are you making for the big game? I know I definitely need some chex mix, and those mini corn dogs, guacamole, and sweet potato tots look awfully tasty too!

superbowlsnacks1   superbowlsnacks2 superbowlsnacks3   superbowlsnacks4

football scrapbook

Let’s see… I graduated from UT 4 years ago, so these pictures are at least that old. And I have been hoarding a box of football/Texas scrapbooking supplies for about that long too. My new computer is much faster for sifting through photos, so I finally got to work on printing some out, and making that college football scrapbook.

While I was picking out photos, I was thinking about how college is a weird time. Some of the people are still your very best friends, and then some you never see again. Such is life. It was still fun to look through the memories.footballscrapbook1

Since there were so many photos I wanted to include, I basically grouped them into collages on the computer, printed them on photo paper, and then cut them out, keeping the collage in tact. That way I didn’t have to place every photo separately, and I could still use all the hoarded papers, and stickers, and other supplies.footballscrapbook2

If it looks like a football themed scrapbook store threw up on the pictures, good. That is exactly what I was going for. I just wanted to have fun using all the toys. Its nice to just make whatever pops into your head, and if it doesn’t turn out just right, I just tape something better over it.