a scrapbook for now

Scrapbooking is one of my first loves. I started right after high school, and loved it so much. When I went off to college, I didn’t have room for all my supplies in my dorm (and I had homework to focus on anyway….). And then, I graduated, got a silly job, and I just haven’t printed out an actual picture in years.

I have been thinking about wedding guestbooks. There are lots of ideas out there. Mostly, I wanted it to be something we want to keep.

Since our families are kinda spread out, I got the idea to make a scrapbook, and include some of our history in it. So I got some photos printed, bought some page protectors, and got to work. I had SO much fun. I am still working on it, so its still just a scrapbook for now, but here is some of my progress so far:

scrapbook1 scrapbook2 scrapbook3 scrapbook4 scrapbook5

2 thoughts on “a scrapbook for now

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