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finished wedding scrapbook

I think I finally finished our wedding scrapbook! After figuring out how to add all the cards, I just added a few more embellishments and treasures to complete it. Now it has all the little love notes and sentiments from family and friends, as well as tokens from our big day that we’ve been keeping for years.

weddingbook6  weddingbook2

I used the scrapbook as a guestbook for our wedding, and our guests wrote little notes on notecards that I added to the book. We have some pretty precious drawings from our younger guests.

weddingbook4  weddingbook3

The album is 12×12, but I added some different sized page protectors to accommodate some larger keepsakes, like extra wedding invites. I also just hole punched some things, like our wedding programs, to add them in directly. I count this as a very successful scrapbook project!

weddingbook5  weddingbook1

a scrapbook for now

Scrapbooking is one of my first loves. I started right after high school, and loved it so much. When I went off to college, I didn’t have room for all my supplies in my dorm (and I had homework to focus on anyway….). And then, I graduated, got a silly job, and I just haven’t printed out an actual picture in years.

I have been thinking about wedding guestbooks. There are lots of ideas out there. Mostly, I wanted it to be something we want to keep.

Since our families are kinda spread out, I got the idea to make a scrapbook, and include some of our history in it. So I got some photos printed, bought some page protectors, and got to work. I had SO much fun. I am still working on it, so its still just a scrapbook for now, but here is some of my progress so far:

scrapbook1 scrapbook2 scrapbook3 scrapbook4 scrapbook5