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sourdough/ week thirteen

You know that cinnamon swirl bread with the raisins? I love that stuff. This is a little bit like a sourdough version of that. The dough has raisins and walnuts, then it is cinnamon-rolled up, and baked into bread.


The cinnamon-rolling process. I can’t resist a little taste of the cinnamon sugar.


In my head sometimes I’m like- this bread has to sit here for 30 minutes, so I might as well keep busy and make something else while I wait. Then all the sudden I am taking cookies out of the oven and trying to do 6 things at once while making a huge mess.


Can you see the swirl??


sourdough/ week twelve

Halfway through the year, and we already baked up (at least) 12 loaves of sourdough! Sticking with this project feels like an accomplishment, since each loaf takes quite a bit of time and care, or at least the time to remember its there and to move on to the next step! Really makes you appreciate the work and love that goes into a good loaf of bread.

This week, we made a raisin rye sourdough bread, and tried out my new diy proofing box!


Our new proofing box! Which is actually just a large tupperware container. After an hour proofing at room temperature, I boil some water in a little mason jar, then put the bread and the jar into the tupperware, and close the lid up. The water is supposed to make it a bit warmer and more moist, to help with flavor and rise. By no means a controlled environment, but we are working up to it!


For a rye bread, I would say we got some pretty good lift out of it! I also think it is one of the prettiest loaves of bread we have made so far. We gave it away as a gift, but we received very good reviews! Excited to make a loaf to keep soon so we can try it for ourselves.

raisinrye3 raisinrye4

cinnamon and raisin buns

The recipe called these cinnamon and raisin buns, but let’s call things like we see them. These are cinnamon rolls with raisins rolled all up in them.

I have been playing with the bread machine. Its really a genius invention. The dough comes out so soft, like a baby. And yum, ate them with soup for dinner. One of my very favorite meals.cinnamonbuns1cinnamonbuns2cinnamonbuns3

raisin focaccia bread

A while back, my ma and I decided to try to make foccacia bread, but my brother said that it wouldn’t taste as good as the bakery kind. So I got to write in my diary that my brother thought wrong, because it tasted just as good, if not better.

This time, I tried raisin foccacia. I made half a batch, since we don’t need a monster amount of bread around here. I made sure to put as many finger pokes in the top as possible. I also made sure to spill half the raisin water on the floor, but if I were you, I would leave that part out. raisinfoccacia2

There is just something about freshly baked bread. Its perfect. We ate this warmed in the toaster for breakfast for a couple days, then I sent the rest off to the office. But now that I’m thinking about it, we should have warmed it, and put a little butter/cinnamon/sugar combo on top for dessert. Oh darn, I’ll have to make some more.raisinfoccacia

walnut raisin cookies

It is tradition that my ma and I bake cookies before I have to get on a plane to come back to Austin. Our way of making sure to take a little bit of home back with me. These cookies are hearty, and good at surviving in one piece, despite being shoved in a backpack, through an xray machine, and under a seat. Good little travel companions that smell like Christmas.