sourdough/ week one

My goal is to make at least one loaf of bread a week. Last week, I made 3 loaves of sourdough bread. Not because we went through it that quickly, but it took me three tries to get the hang of it. What do they say about that third time?

My ma and I grew our own sourdough starter last November. I brought half home with me, so we share it. I love that its alive, and I have to feed it, and make sure its happy.

The first loaf was very flat. It was a good first try, and I started to get the hang of the 3 proofs, and the timing, but I don’t think the starter was active enough. I also decided that kneading is a great workout.sourdough1 sourdough2

The second loaf was better, but I think it needed more flour maybe? I attempted a round loaf, and it kinda just went everywhere on the pan. It did have some bubbles in the bread, but it was still very flat.sourdough3 sourdough6

At least I learned from all the mistakes! The third loaf looked much different after the dough proof. I tried it in a loaf pan again, and the dough actually came up to the top! I am having a hard time making the slashes in the loaf before baking, and need to find a better tool for that. It keeps exploding on one side. But the slices look like real bread, and taste like it too!sourdough5 sourdough4 sourdough7

I am excited to see how my next loaf turns out, and can’t wait to try some variations!

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