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granny square blanket

My latest granny square blanket! In the past, I usually just sew my squares together with needle and yarn, but I tried joining them with a single crochet this time. I know there are lots of fancy ways to join squares, so I figured I might as well start working my way up. I really love how it turned out, especially the colors. What are you working on lately?

red and grey granny square blanket

all done

How does it look? After about 4 months, my first afghan is done! I finished all the granny squares about a month ago, and I decided on Friday afternoon to binge finish sewing it all together. So I settled in on the couch and weaved in all those pesky ends all night.grannysquareafghan2

So far, its been a very helpful, cozy extra layer of warmth during the cold nights. It was made for serious snuggling.grannysquareafghan1

Now time to start another one!