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my first scarf

Ta-da! My first crocheted scarf. It turned out pretty stellar, if I may compliment myself. I would totally be wearing it right now if it wasn’t reminiscent of a warm spring day outside.crochetscarf

I am not, by any definition of the word expert, an expert crocheter. But my ma helped me out semi-following these directions, and I got some help from this youtube lady here. After just a couple minutes of watching, I was crocheting so much faster than her (if you watch the video, this would be a joke).

It only took about an evening to make, so scarves for everyone!crochetscarf2

free tshirt quilt

As in a quilt made of free tshirts. College is all about the free tshirts.

I have carried this huge collection of shirts to every place I have lived in Austin for the past like 6 years, with the goal of making them into a quilt. I finally looked at it and thought: well, I have some time now, if you’re available…

So I got out my scissors and did some cutting, and wondered why I didn’t do this years ago. Do you ever have those projects where you keep the supplies around, and mean to get around to it, but just never do, so the supplies are just sitting there taking up space? Well, this is mine, and I just did the first step. Can’t stop me now.


(kinda) new clothes

Every weekend, I say that I am going to hem these 4 pairs of pants (because I am tiny). Yesterday, I finally sat down and did it. There is something very freeing about changing up clothes, probably because it feels like you shouldn’t be cutting or sewing them. I even hemmed some bright pink-orange pants with turquoise thread.

But wait for the best part! I found a pair of pants that the cut was a little out of style, but the top still fit great. So I cut them into jean shorts! Most gratifying project I have done in a long time, since it was 75 degrees and sunny yesterday, so I got to wear them while we ran a couple errands in the afternoon.

My 6-year-old self really wants to decorate them with puff paint, like the awesome shorts I had back in the day…

jean shorts