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morning hike

Jon drove by part of the greenbelt for work the other day, and he was convinced that there might be water down in the creek. So twist my arm, we went on a morning hike to investigate. Now we have gone in the summer a few times before, and it was dry as a bone, so imagine our surprise and delight at this sight. We found it!

bullcreek1 bullcreek2 bullcreek3 bullcreek5



I just started reading the book Wild. I cried through most of the first part there, and I go through periods where she frustrates me, but I’m finding it fascinating. Its always neat to hear the opposite-of-expert guide. Of someone who just jumped into something with really no clue. Because I feel like I am constantly in that stage, and its nice to remember that everyone is.

And despite the gross parts about her feet, it still makes me really want to go hiking.

What books are you reading?