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a happy thanksgiving

How was your holiday? We got up early to start dinner, spent a hectic couple hours in the kitchen, then napped, went for a walk, watched a parade, ate leftovers, and watched football for the rest of the day.

I was in charge of the marshmallows.


With that guy I am super thankful for.


A pinecone from our walk. We need more pinecones in our backyard.


Hope you had a wonderful turkey day!

double the turkey, double the pie

I got lucky and celebrated two Thanksgivings. I was extra thankful this year.

First came Thanksgiving in the Northwest. No snow, but plenty of cold, snuggly evenings crocheting and eating pie. And I never get sick of those mountains.thanksgive2013.3 thanksgive2013.2

Next came turkey day in Texas with my one, true love. I love Thanksgiving because I can wish all the people Happy Thanksgiving in America. Giving thanks is for everyone.


little turkeys

Pre-Thanksgiving preparations at our house include baking cookies. The turkey cookie cutter waits all year for this moment to shine.

Instead of doing different colors of frosting for the turkey tail, we smashed some candy corns flat, and used them as tail feather decoration. What beautiful little turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!

a new kind of pie

I am not super adventurous with pies. I like the apple/peach variety. Pumpkin of course. Lemon meringue, but without the meringue part. Just the basics.

A friend suggested a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have never tried one. I am not really even sure what rhubarb is, but I do know that the leaves are poisonous (thank you, Martha Stewart). Rhubarb to me equals pink celery.

But guess what? Strawberry rhubarb pies are yummy. Just the right amount of not too sweet. If you are still in need of a Thanksgiving dessert, and for some reason don’t want to go classic, I would recommend this delicious strawberry/pink celery combo. (I used this recipe from smitten kitchen.)

dessert time: chocolate pecan pie bars

I got the baking itch the other day. I saw these german chocolate pecan pie bars on pinterest. I thought: I like german chocolate cake. I almost like pecan pie. I like desserts cut in bars. Might as well give them a try.

1. I have never toasted pecans before. Yay me. 2. Is that enough butter?

These bars are super rich. Yummy, but they will definitely kill you. I cut mine into tiny pieces, because I don’t want all my friends to get fat.

pumpkin seeds: two ways

We decided to toast up some pumpkin seeds the other day as a snack.

The first kind we made was sweet and spicy from this recipe here. We left out the extra sugar at the end, and just sprinkled them with a little salt, and scout’s honor, they tasted just like kettle corn. It was like pumpkin seed crack.

The second kind was just the classic: little oil, salt, and pepper. Simple goodness.

Naked seeds get some sugar or salt clothes.

Thanksgiving means more pumpkins, and that means more pumpkin seeds that will need to be eaten. Oh darn.