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halloween candy

We are doing our part of being young homeowners by planning on staying home on Halloween, and being available to hand out candy to the little ones. I feel like its our duty. Without us and grandparents, there would be no one at the doorbells to provide the treats.

The side effect of this is all the chocolate we bought, and how to not eat it all beforehand. I think that is the trick portion of the holiday.pumpkin pattern

Also been up to some sewing treats. I have such a hard time keeping surprises.

christmas candy

For our Christmas goody bags this year, we went with a selection of candy. I have only made a couple kinds of candy before, so it was fun to experiment. Secret: candy making really isn’t all that hard.

We made gingerbread caramels (on which I burned my thumb very badly…). It was so satisfying to wrap the little squares in parchment.caramel

We made gingerbread cookie ornaments (not candy, but still in our goody bags). I actually had to put a label that said the cookie was for your tree, not your mouth. But, despite the presence of a piece of ribbon going through a hole in its head, people still ate it!gingerbread man

We made sweet and spicy peanut brittle, which turned out really delicious.peanut brittle

And we made candied citrus peels, because we are engaged now, and these seem more grown-up and fancy.candied citrus

little turkeys

Pre-Thanksgiving preparations at our house include baking cookies. The turkey cookie cutter waits all year for this moment to shine.

Instead of doing different colors of frosting for the turkey tail, we smashed some candy corns flat, and used them as tail feather decoration. What beautiful little turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!

Candy-filled doughnuts

This weekend the girl and I went about making homemade fried doughnut holes! It was a lot of fun and the girl ended up making two batches of dough which meant that I had some left over to play with, which of course means I took some left-over Halloween candy and shoved it inside some doughnut dough and fried it. For one I used the inside of a Reese’s Cup and then for the other I used half of a Crunch bar. They both turned out really good, but I don’t think anyone could eat the whole thing. Or maybe it was because I had already had 3 or 4 regular doughnut holes that day already. The world will never know. :)