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Beach-iversary Part 2

July has been a great month for the girl and I. One of the best parts was a beach-iversary that we took over a long 4th of July weekend. We did everything from eat ice cream twice a day to morning walks on the beach to hunt for sand dollars. Oh, and the girl made some amazing apple pie and cookies with her ma. It was epic.


Our first anniversary had two parts. Part one was the peach-iversary. Part two, the beach-iversary.

We hopped in the car on Sunday morning, with the most perfect Oregon coast weather over our heads, and bellies ready to be filled with ice cream. On Monday morning, that misty ocean fog greeted us, and we had the whole beach to ourselves. I can’t wait to bring back a pack of Sanders someday, and we’ll collect every piece of sand dollar, and make this handsome guy of mine rinse off the shells in the cold ocean water.