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new in the shop: card and tag kits

I grouped together a couple of my cards and gift tags to make combo kits! The most popular one so far is the snow day edition, because that rocking horse rocks.


This is what part of my shipping station looked like a couple days ago. A super eclectic bunch.


i’m so famous

So yesterday was my birthday, and we took a field trip to get some yarn. While we were in the store, we browsed some magazines, and look what we found.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.19.59 AM

Something I made is in a real life magazine! It is the winter Do It Yourself magazine from Better Homes and Gardens. We only bought 2, so there should be plenty left for you. And you can find my claim to fame here!

new in the shop: redwork holiday cards

I am generally a firm believer that each holiday has its time. This is probably because I have a November birthday. I like to celebrate my birthday, then Thanksgiving, and then it can be Christmas music time. BUT it is time to start thinking about any gifts you need to make. If you start those after Thanksgiving, you may not finish in time. Plus, working on gifts and crafts in these early evenings is sort of what fall is all about, right?

So by that logic, now is the time to begin working on these cards! I am really happy with these classic redwork designs. Those deer cards are selling like gingerbread cookies at Christmas, or hotcakes, whichever you prefer. Find them in the shop now.

reddeer1 redsnowflake3

holiday cards

I agree that it is a tiny bit earlier to start thinking about holidays, but good DIY projects need the proper planning! Handmade items are worth some extra effort, and are also a good way to spend these new dark evenings. After dinner it looks like bedtime now, so its either sleep, or keep my hands busy so my eyes don’t automatically shut.

I have some new holiday pattern cards in the shop. They are kits, so you can make the cards yourself! They come patterned and everything, so they are ready to go once you get them. Just stitch them up, add some names at the bottom, and you got yourself some fancy holiday greetings.wreathheart6snowflake6